Development of formal problems questioning the fundamentals concerning the architecture discourse.


formeaning is an architecture firm and platform based in Italy founded and directed by Bruno Alfonso & Alberto Alfonso and focused on the development of formal problems and what we consider the fundamentals concerning the architecture discourse.

Among our interests we explores the use of contemporary design methods focusing on the adoption of a form-making approach and the investigation of the project through different media.

Using advanced prototyping techniques such as robotic fabrication and additive manufacturing we are interested in redefining the possibilities of contemporary architecture looking to target new solutions to existing problems or creating new ones.

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  • Augmented Reality in Architecture!

    Join us this afternoon in Room CS09 at Politecnico di Milano, Via Durando 38 A! “You will experience new Contemporary ways to explore the Project of Architecture”

  • formeaning meets University IUAV

    formeaning meets IUAV Alberto Alfonso will be teaching the COMPUTATIONAL MORPHOLOGY class at the Post Graduate Master TOUCH FAIR ARCHITECTURE & EXHIBIT SPACE at the University IUAV in Venice, Italy¬†for the academic year 2016-2017.  

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